Tour Irelands Golf Courses with a Private Chauffeur


When you think about the top 10 golf courses in Ireland, quite a few might come to mind. Maybe you have visited a few, or maybe you want to go to them. No matter, they are some of the best in not only the country, but the world, too. People love them for everything that they can offer, and how exceptional everything looks and is maintained. Few golf courses in the world can compare to them. If you plan to go to them yourself, you can tour them with a private chauffeur. Packages are available for anyone who would like to see and play these courses personally.

The Top Golf Courses

The top 10 golf courses in Ireland all have their own unique benefits and appeals. They each challenge players in their own ways, and they each offer experiences that you cannot have anywhere else. If you want to golf like never before, you will want to visit them. It is hard to say which is truly the best, too. They each come with some major advantages. You can even make arguments for ones that are not on the list. The truth is, golfing in Ireland is some of the best in the world. It is not just the location or just the courses; it is everything together.

Golf Tour Packages

Anyone interested in golfing in Ireland can choose one of the Ireland golf packages. These packages include everything that you need to golf like a pro, or at least travel to the courses like one. Get to some of the best courses around with a chauffeur service and golf as much as you want. These packages come with different features and benefits, but all of them give you access to the top golf courses in the country. With the added chauffeur service, you can feel pampered as you make your way across the country in luxury.

Luxury and Experiences At Any Time

The chauffeur services will take you everywhere that you need to go. Whichever of the Ireland golf packages that you choose, you will have the travelling and benefits offered available to you immediately. All services will keep you in the lap of luxury as you travel to your golf courses.

Book now to take advantage of all of this. There is no reason to wait for later. Once you want to have the best golfing trip of your life, begin booking the Ireland golf packages.

27 Sep 2016

Discovering Skiathos under Sail

Skiathos is the northernmost island in the Sporades archipelago and it’s also a very beautiful place that’s attracted visitors for decades. Today, the island boasts a cosmopolitan atmosphere that’s truly unique to this part of the world. The landscapes are lush, the beaches are truly superb and the whole island is surrounded by crystal clear waters. It makes sailing them a sheer delight whether it’s on a skippered yacht or a bareboat charter deal in Greece.


Although Skiathos is one of the more popular holiday destinations, it still remains very much unspoilt. There are well over 60 fabulous beaches around the coast with the most famous being Koukounariés,  a stretch of beach that’s been voted among the best in the whole of the Med. However, there are plenty of secluded coves and bays that can only be reached by boat which make for brilliant tranquil anchorages for those who want to get away from it all in a gorgeously Greek island environment.

Skiathos town itself boasts a superb natural harbour which is a popular base for many visiting yachts and it doesn’t get more picturesque than this with the four islets that surround the harbour. Spending a few hours exploring the town and all that it has to offer before setting sail to explore other parts of this charming, albeit vibrant island paradise, is time well spent. However, if you plan to stay overnight, the harbour gets a bit noisy in the evenings when things liven up as party goers enjoy a night out. There is an alternative which is to head up to the new harbour just to the north, but again this can be a little congested during the summer months making it hard to find a free berth.

The best choice for a more peaceful stopover is to anchor off over on the eastern side of this glorious bay and the good news is the sandy bottom offers good holding, but again you may find that everyone wants to drop anchor here which makes it that much harder to find room. Heading out of the main harbour of Skiathos to explore the rest of the coastline offers quite a few sheltered anchorages although some are more protected than others depending on which way the winds are blowing.

Sailing West to Vasilias

One of the closest is just a short sail away to the west of the Old Harbour which is a cove called Vasilias where local yachts tend to drop anchor. However, you can anchor off the beach on the bay’s western side as long as you keep well away from any buoyed swimming areas. It’s not the quietest of locations, but if you enjoy watching water sports from the deck of a yacht, it can be a nice place to have lunch on board.

Another nice sheltered cove can be found just south west of Skiathos Harbour. It’s called Kanapitsa and although it’s close to several new hotels, it’s a nice place to drop anchor alongside the local yachts often found there. Just east of Koukounaries, there’s a very large bay which is another sheltered anchorage especially when the Meltimi is blowing. You’ll find lots of yachts and other boats anchored in the bay which means if you choose the wrong place, you may be asked to move. The beach at Koukounaries itself has a lovely lagoon behind it which is well worth visiting especially if you’re sailing these waters in the late spring when you’ll get to see rare Eleanora’s falcons as they catch dragonflies over the lagoon.

Chartering a skippered yacht in Greece has many advantages with the main one being you don’t have to worry about anything or where to drop anchor. It’s all taken care of for you. However, if you’re looking for more of an adventure while discovering the lovely coastline of Skiathos, opting for a bareboat charter in Greece means you can take control of your time as you sail around one of the most beautiful, cosmopolitan yet unspoilt of the Sporades Islands.


07 Sep 2016

How Can We Get An Electronic Visa To Travel To Australia

Anyone who wishes to travel to Australia must obtain a visa when he isn’t a citizen of the country. Whether you are going to go to Melbourne and Sydney or check out for adventures in the Outback, Australia provides visitors diverse geography and a rich culture. Tourism is a significant part of the economy of the country and getting a tourist visa is not easy. You need to be a holder of an eligible passport from another country and you have to allow enough time for documents to be processed. However, Australia has embraced the internet in its visa process, therefore making paper work not typically important. The following are the steps to getting an electronic visa to travel to Australia.

Visit the Australia Electronic Travel Authority Website

Citizens of other countries like Canada and the United States can use this electronic authorisation program for their Australian visa application. An “Apply for Visa” option can be found at the top of the page. Applicants can enter the requested pieces of information on the following page. Such information includes the name, birth date, country of citizenship and passport number of the applicant.  It is imperative to enter information honestly as it will be verified before granting a visa.

Pick the Kind of Visa to Apply For

Short Validity Business and Visitor visas are offered by the Australia Electronic Travel Authority in a simplified process. Anyone who plans to be in the country for less than 3 months without working must apply for visitor’s Australia visa. This option is found at the window following the “Visitor” option. People who are going to Australia for business purposes must pick the option “Short Validity Business.”

Check the Box Which States the Applicant is Outside of Australia

The Australia Electronic Travel Authority system is not for visa applicants who are already in Australia. Applicants can type n the email address and complete other required information on the page. When done, the “Next” option must be clicked. Information needed on this page includes birth dates and passport numbers. Each piece of information should match the information provided earlier. Then there’s another “Next” option to be clicked.

Record the Reference Number which Appears

The reference number lets you get updates on the visa application status. The “Submit” button must be clicked. The next page requires the applicant to enter his credit card information in the forms. Often, the visa approved thirty seconds following the submission of the online ETA application.

17 Aug 2016

A Concise Understanding About Settling Debts In An Effective Way 

If in case you are swimming in deep financial debts, it would be a high time to start looking for a way out. Debt settlement is one such way to help end all your solutions, once and for all. It basically helps to pay off your debts in a much lesser amount, than what you owe to creditors. In right to help negotiate your loans and credit cards, an effective way would be to hire a debt settlement company. These companies would help safeguard the monetary amounts and negotiate it with your creditors and lenders as well. Debt settlement, by providing highly effectual services would eventually help to benefit people from all walks of life.

Process Of Debt Settlement

Availing services of debt settlement would help you to potentially save enormous amounts of monetary amounts, without having to pay back anything as such. Creditors should consider it by wiping an overdue amount from its books. Subsequently, a creditor would agree to an incomplete payment of loans or a credit card debt for an exchange of an immediate lump sum payment of monetary amount. Due to this, it would naturally build up a new debt, which might have otherwise not been possible to collect. Regardless of the fact that it was only a partial payment, the settlement would eventually render debts in full amount. As a result, due to such effectiveness of the settlement procedures, you would be liable to have your full debts cleared.

Debts Eligible For Settlement Purposes 

There are certain kinds of debts which are eligible for debt settlement procedures. Thus, in right to render maximum advantages, it would be highly essential to be aware about the eligibility of debts. Personal loans, medical, utility bills, private student loans, apartment leases amongst others prove to be eligible for settlement purposes. Out of all such kinds of debts, credit card debt proves to be an ideal form for the settlement process. Most of the consumers accumulate credit card debts in abundance and here, creditors are namely private lenders, rather than some kind of government entity. Apart from productive services such as these, you would also be liable of acquiring consolidation options.

A Reputed Debt Settlement Company 

The first and foremost step for you as a consumer would be to opt for a reputed debt settlement company. Availing services of such companies would help in instant resolving of debts. These debt firms are staffed with expert counselors who are licensed for analyzing personal finances. Post analyzing your finances, the counselor would prepare a settlement plan accordingly. This plan would reflect on all kinds of major details of your debt and monthly payment schedule. Moreover, it would also spell out the procedures of profit from the transactions made by these companies. Thus, opting for a right debt settlement company would be able to provide you all kinds of productive services which will ultimately benefit you in a large number of ways.

Preparation Of Settlements

In right to settle your debts, it would be useful in understanding the proper preparations. Primary step would be to negotiate your debts.  If in case it turns out to be successful, your debts would be liable for clearing. Next process would be to sign an agreement. It is essential to put all kinds of arrangements in writing for your records.  Seeking help from a tax professional would also prove to be highly lucrative. To know more about tax obligations,click here.

22 Jul 2016

Attain A Safe And Secure Position By Consolidating Your Debts

If you would want to pay off your credit card debts and decrease your monthly expenditures, it would be convenient to consolidate your debts. By availing such services, it would help you to avoid unnecessary hassles in managing innumerable credit card bills. With a fixed rate loan, it would be helpful to pay off your debts in a much easy and effective way. By paying off those bills, it would leave you with a single monthly payment.  Opting for a debt consolidation loan would significantly help to increase your credit scores too.  Thus, if you would want to live a debt free life, it would be best to select effective measures for consolidating your debts.

Consolidate Your Credit Card Debts

The sole purpose of consolidating your debts would be to roll your credit card and loan payments into one consecutive monthly payment. If in case you have been dealing with numerous credit card loans, consolidation would be a highly productive solution for you.  Prior to consolidating debts, ensure to consult with a nonprofit credit counselor. A credit counselor would help to provide accurate advices on utilizingcredits properly. In short, if you are undergoing a financial hardship, it would be best to seek help from a counselor. Consolidating your debts would also provide you immense flexibilities of personalizing your loan and availing the best services, simultaneously.

Transference Of Debt Balances

There happen to be an increasing number of companies offering balance transfers with extremely low interest. By consolidating into one account, it would permit you to make a single payment. At times, it may often result in lower payments as well. Prior to consolidating your debts into one account, it would be mandatory to have a proper understanding about all aspects of it. As the low rate amount on your balance transfer would be liable to end, it would therefore be beneficial to keep a track of it. Ensure to avoid new purchases with your card. However, if failed to do so, it would simply increase your payment amount. Utilizing a different card would thus help to cut down on any kinds of unnecessary purchases.

Important Pointers For Consolidating Loans

There are numerous credit unions, banks and installment loan lenders that would offer best credit car dconsolidation loans. Availing such services would help to simplify your payments, thus making things much easier to handle. By opting for such measures, it would help to avoid varied kinds of hassles and also provide you numerous reliefs. As all your bills would be merged into a single payment, it would thus make it easier for you to plan your finances. Unlike other kinds of services, you would be able to have a better and a clearer picture of all kinds of monthly payments.

Choose Your Options Wisely

Paying off your debts should be the ultimate solution for living a healthy financial life. Acquiring a debt consolidation loan would help to take correct steps accordingly. Prior to selecting a loan, there are certain factors to take into consideration. Opting for a reputable credit card organization would prove to be helpful for taking vital decisions on managing both finances and debts. Consultations with experts would thus help in developing a proper personalized plan, in right to deal with all of your monetary problems, effectively.

22 Jul 2016

CopeUp With Debt In A Much Healthier Way

Many people tend to face financial crisis at some point or the other. So, in case if you are having trouble paying your bills or getting soliciting notices from creditors, you are not alone. Irrespective of the reasons in a crisis that you might be facing, it can seem quite overwhelming. Nevertheless, the situation of your financial situations does not necessarily have to go from bad to worst. As a matter of fact, periods of crisis can be overcome with the help of effective measures. Depending on the level of your debt, it would be beneficial to consider seeking help from productive options such as debt relief services, budgeting or a host of other techniques.

Help Yourself By Developing A Budget

Developing a budget plan is a way to get control over your expenditures. It is a necessity to gain control over your finances, in right to have a healthier financial life as well as a peace of mind. Starting by setting your financial goals would help in achieving both short and long term desires. Prioritizing these goals would help to avoid encountering with dreaded factors such as debt. Formulating a budget plan would help to serve you in times of emergencies. Listing your expenses down would actually prove to be a helpful way for tracking down spending patterns, discerning your expenditures and planning out the rest. Primary goal should be to make your ends meet on basic aspects of your life. Utilizing computer software toolswould likewise prove to be great helping techniques as well.

Availing Debt Relief Services

If in case, you have been struggling with credit card debt or a repayment plan, ensure to consult with debt relief services like debt management plan or credit counseling organizations. Availing such kinds of services would help to get your messed up life on the right track. From managing your money and debts to offering free educational workshops, you name it. Advices on dealing with debt or developing a repayment plan, these proficient services would help providing you with the correct plan. It would eventually help you to ultimately overcome your debt or to deal with it in a much healthier way. Acquiring these effectual services would thus help you to get instant relief from foreboding factors like debt.

Managing Your Debt

If you are facing a tough time dealing with necessary financial problems or repaying debts, it would be best to enroll in a debt management plan. As the name suggests, availing such services would help you to develop a proper budget plan and effective money management skills. The plan would be to basically utilize your deposits to pay off unsecured debts like student loans, credit card loans amongst others, as according to a payment schedule. Such factors would help in keeping a track on your creditors as well. For gaining additional information regarding such services, click here.

Selecting An Effective Organization

In right to get rid of debt, it would be highly profitable to gain valuable services from debt relief services. However, a lot can determine on the basis of selecting one. Prior to seeking help from credit counseling organizations or debt management programs, you would be advised to undergo a thorough analysis. With proper research work and an in depth analysis, it would be easier for you to zero in on one particular organization, that would best suit your needs. Thus, always ensure to work out the best plans for coping up with debt, in a natural and productive way.

22 Jul 2016

Vanuatu Travel Destinations

Vanuatu is a great tourist destination that attracts millions of visitors every year. Majority of the visitors love to spend their vacation on Efafe, where Port Vila is found. The city is easy to access since there are many Auckland to Port Villa flights.

Since many of the key attractions are found in Port Villa, it is important to check out some of the best places to visit in this area.

The city of Vanuatu is quite small with slightly over 40,000 inhabitants, and although it feels like a modern town, visitors don’t come here to experience the urban feel, but to experience the majestic scenery and the local culture and tasting the island style cocktail in hand.

The Secret Garden

One of the top Vanuatu travel destinations is the Secret Garden. The tourist spot is found in Mele Village, less than twenty minutes north of Vanuatu. This amazing tourist destination is worth to visit. In small groups, a tour guide will show you various aspects of the local culture as well as a glance into the tribal of Vanuatu history- right from the volcanic activity, cannibalism, land driving traditions and so much more.

You will also get to learn how the locals got their independent from the French and British in 1980. The tour lets you take a stroll through the South Pacific tropical gardens and also let you take a close look at the flying foxes and the opportunity to hold an Iguana.

Resort Hopping at Iririki Island

If you are on a vacation in Vanuatu, it is very obvious that you are looking forward for some exciting R and R.

To ensure that all the pleasure seekers are well-catered for, there are a couple of resorts that around located around the Iririki Island. These resorts accommodate day visitors. Of course you can choose to stay in some of the resorts if you wish, but this way you can look for the cheapest accommodation and take advantage of the most expensive resort amenities without spending even a dime.

Some of the best island resorts here include the Iririki Island Resort which is located a few kilometers from the show. You will only spend about 20 dollars to get to Iririki.

Mele Cascades

This is one of the premium tourist destinations in Port Villa. Walking down into a clear aqua blue pools, this place is not only the best when it comes to waterfall.

You will only walk for 20 minutes to get to the main waterfalls. Here, you will find staff members to watch your luggage and bags. Take as many pictures as you wish. Stand at the fresh water pools and take a glimpse at the tropical gardens where you will see numerous red hibiscus as well as spiky pink, the waxy, and also the red bromeliads.

It is very easy to navigate the waterfalls. In addition, the rocks are porous and are not slippery. The stepping stones are placed nicely, and there are also foot holes between pools to help you climb.

18 Jul 2016

Best sights in Mullingar & Westmeath

Mullingar, located in the heart of the Emerald Isle, is surrounded by rolling green fields, ancient ruins and deep and mysterious loughs. However, it is also a bustling market town famed for its pewter and is home to a number of traditionally Irish pubs and restaurants.

Getting out and about in Mullingar and Westmeath

The surrounding area of Westmeath couldn’t be better if you’re a hiker or explorer – just don’t forget to pack the waterproofs! All that green has to come from somewhere, and while temperatures are typically warm – or at least comfortable – at around 19–20 degree centigrade in the summertime, the humid air often harbours a rain shower or two.

Keeping this in mind, single trip holiday insurance is probably a good purchase if you’re considering getting the wellies on and striking out across the meandering country lanes or visiting the impressive Belvedere House and Gardens – just in case a slippery misstep results in more than just a soggy bottom.

While Belvedere House and Gardens is an inarguably impressive site – featuring beautiful walks through the walled garden and an estate house with a fascinating past (take the tour to find out more) – those a little lighter of pocket will also appreciate Fore Abbey, historical ruins with no entry charge.

Tullynally Castle and Gardens is a fantastic gothic style country house that is still home to Earls of Longford, as it has been for the past 350 years. With twelve areas of park land and garden to explore, including a Chinese garden complete with pagoda and a Tibetan garden of waterfalls and streams, it is a great place to get lost in. Kids of all ages will love the herd of llamas at home in the Llama Paddock.
Where to eat, drink and dance

Mullingar is home to a range of culinary delights, from Pan-Asian to more local fare. For a home cooked meal in a cosy Mullingar pub, try out Cons. The staff here are very friendly and make visitors feel like locals. If you’re craving something a little different than the typical pub grub, Danny Byrnes is a great choice with friendly staff and a great atmosphere – try to stop by on a night with live music to get the full value.

If, after your day in the fresh air and your meal of (probably) the traditional Irish spud, you’re still feeling energised and wanting to move your feet, there are several spots in Mullingar to shake your hips. The Fence is an atmospheric cocktail bar that attracts a mixture of ages and has a great vibe. The Lane Club is Mullingar’s number one spot for cheap drinks and late night dancing. During the summer they celebrate the long nights with a dance floor in the garden.

15 Jul 2016

Motorcycle Road Trip ‘Must Haves’ Cheat Sheet

Any trips over a couple of days need forward planning and prep work to make sure everything runs as smoothly as you need it to so you get the most out of your road trip. Travelling on a bike means packing light, and usually staying in hotels along the way and doing your own laundry.

Before You Go

Naturally, before you even start, it’s prudent to make sure your bike’s in top condition to prevent any breakdowns. Get it serviced soon before your trip. While we’re on that subject, make sure you’ve got decent breakdown cover – it never hurts to be safe, but hours waiting in bad weather conditions on the side of a B-road can really be a downer.

Planning essentials aside from the glaringly obvious:

  • Bike cover
  • Motorcycle lock
  • A toolkit with cleaning cloths
  • Water bottles
  • Rain suits
  • Seasonally appropriate gloves
  • A hat to cover messy helmet hair
  • First-aid kit
  • Heated jackets

Route Planning

Plan your route ahead of time, checking for planned closures and alternative routes. Take good old-fashioned maps (up to date of course) – there’s only so far looking at a smartphone can get you if you’re away from a charger. Take a portable charger for backup, but maps work best if they’re hard copies and preferably laminated. Plan your pit stops in advance.

In the Bag

You’re probably well equipped with standard short-haul biking equipment, but you’ll need to pack extra in your saddlebags for an extended trip. Granted most saddlebags aren’t particularly large, so it pays to get multiple good quality bags. Take travel laundry liquid – you won’t have to pack as much. Some really useful miscellaneous items:

  • Cash – just in case
  • Medicines and toiletries
  • Energy boosting snacks
  • Portable phone charger
  • Wet wipes
  • Spare toilet paper


Try sweat-wicking thermals, or other seasonally appropriate gear that’s lightweight, practical and quick drying. Layers are warmer, more flexible and more compact than big warm fleeces or jumpers. Take a lot of spare underwear, as it’s small, compact and completely essential. Try a head warmer or bandana to keep the sweat at bay and out of your eyes.

Final Thoughts

If you’re going with pals, it might be a good idea to think about investing in radios to keep in contact over engine noise and keep your eyes on the road. Also, some bikers swear by foam earplugs – these are great for staying in hotels or hostels along the way too.

Once you and your bike are all good to go, preparation and route planning is essential, as is good packing. Happy biking!

08 Jul 2016

How to Create Your Own Travel Videos with Movavi Video Editor

Have you ever thought about creating your own travel videos using some of the footage that you may have recorded while you were on a particular trip? If you feel the footage is good enough then all you actually need to create a travel video is to compile it, process it and polish it.


Unfortunately all of that can be a bit of a stumbling block if you have no experience video editing. On the bright side, that experience really isn’t necessary – not if you use Movavi Video Editor.

Because Movavi Video Editor is so intuitive, it won’t take you long to figure out how to use its features. Once you do you can take the video footage that you recorded from your trip and:

  • Merge individual clips together to compile a travel video.
  • Trim out any unnecessary footage and remove it from your video.
  • Cut your video into segments to rearrange its sequence.
  • Enhance the quality of your video and fix any common issues such as blurry or shaky video segments.
  • Apply special effects and filters to give your video a unique style.
  • Add audio tracks to include background music and voiceovers.
  • Insert stylish animated transitions between segments of video to link scenes together.
  • Place customizable text inside the video as captions, watermarks, or titles.

Between all these features you should be able to really get your travel video to take shape. In fact as you go along and start to experiment with the features in Movavi Video Editor you’ll quickly learn how to combine them to create unique effects that really rival that of a professional production.

Essentially that’s all that you need to create your very own travel videos. As you can see it really doesn’t have to be nearly as complicated as you imagine it to be and in fact you can quite easily create your very first video right this very moment. As you become more comfortable with Movavi Video Editor, the speed at which you can churn out great-looking videos will increase further, and in time you’ll be able to create travel videos with your eyes practically shut.

02 Jul 2016