How to Cut Your Video into Several Segments with Movavi Video Editor

Movavi Video Editor features a scissor tool for cutting the travel video into as many segment as you want. Normally, you won’t need to use the full length video footage for making the movie. You will find that there are some scenes that need to be deleted. Deleting these unnecessary scenes with the scissor tool allows you to reduce the video file size so that it is easier for you to upload it online.


In this tutorial instruction on how to cut a video , the first step is to load the travel videos that you want to edit with the scissor tool into the timeline. You can select more than one video files in the Open Media Files dialog box which is launched by clicking on the Add Media Files button. When the video files is load, you must click the play button to get the video playing in the preview screen. While the video is playing, you must take note of where it stops at the part that you want to delete.

When you come to the part that you want to delete, you must click the pause button. You can move the video player slider to go to any point in the video without having to click the play button. Next, you must click the scissor button to cut the video footage exactly at the point where you stop. After that, you can continue playing the video until it comes to the end of the scene you want to get rid.

You have to click the scissor button again to cut the part. Now, you must click on the video segment that you cut out and press the Del key or the trash button to delete it. The video clip behind will automatically be moved closed to the first video clip so that they are merged into a single clip. When you play the video again, the clip that you deleted won’t appear in the video anymore.

There may be slight shaking at the part where you clip the unwanted segment so people may know that you have cut out a scene at that point. However, the most important thing is that they will not be able to watch the scene that you delete from the video. You can also use the scissor tool to cut the video with the purpose of rearranging the clips in different sequence. You should first ask yourself how you want the storyline to go before attempting to arrange the video clips. The timeline is a drag and drop interface so you can drag the video clips and drop it at any position to recorder them in the preferred sequence for the final movie production.

Movavi Video Editor offers 40+ transitions that can enrich the video. The transition effect can be previewed on the video player first before you drag it to the video clip. When you finish cutting the video, you can press the export button to save it. Movavi Video Editor allows you to export the video for PC or mobile device or uploading online.

06 Jan 2017

Charming B&B in Marche

The rolling hills, limited to the east by the blue of the Adriatic Sea and to the west by the green of the Central Apennines pastures, are part of an Italian region still little known but to be discovered and that embodies the history, culture, traditions and landscapes harmonious and poetic.

Marche, whose name comes from the Middle Ages when in fact they were “border” of the Carolingian Empire, is a small region of the central Italy, full of colors and flavors, condensed the entire national territory, practically there is everything : sea, mountains, hills and natural parks.
The Marche lands have given birth to famous people from the past as Raffaello Sanzio, Gioacchino Rossini, Gentile da Fabriano, Beniamino Gigli and especially Giacomo Leopardi, and sports personalities of this as Valentina Vezzali, Roberto Mancini, Filippo Magnini and nine-time Champion world Valentino Rossi, Tavullia and often mistakenly called Romagna.
For those who wish to visit this beautiful region, an interesting solution would be to choose one charming B&B, a different accommodation from the usual hotel and B&B of the city with which get closer to nature, exploring the lesser known places and indulge in good feelings that such a contact with the green can give.
Among the charming B&B in Marche, we recommend you  Il Casale del Duca, an imposing building in the province of Pesaro Urbino dates back to the sixteenth century, and close to the center of Urbino, which is only 10 minutes.
This charming B&B is surrounded by lawn and a park full of trees bordered all around by rolling hills, typical inland landscape. The rich breakfast is prepared by the owners with organic produce.
The guestrooms, five in all, are veritable mini-apartments with sitting area and fireplace and decorated with light colors such as white and beige to give more light to the environment. The décor mixes perfectly shabby chic and antique furniture which combine perfectly with the terracotta floors, wooden details and refined curtains.


21 Dec 2016

Guide to traveling to Florida – Why is it considered as the best state in America

What is the first feeling which you get when the name Florida is mentioned to you? Well yes, the state has indeed got a sufficient share of madness where the Miami cannibal attack of 2012, the mom-daughter porn case of 2013, the governor’s strict opposition to Barack Obama’s Obamacare are worth mentioning. But despite all those incidents which are still fresh in the memory of the Floridians, there are still numerous reasons to fall in love with Florida, also known as the Sunshine State.

From the amazing food to the splendid culture and breathtaking scenery, there are numerous things which make Florida just the place to be. Here is a guide to traveling to Florida which will discuss the viable reasons behind people loving this oddly-shaped state.

#1: Majority of the people are envious about Florida’s weather

Even if it is a warm day in New York and the northern portion of America spent it dealing with Polar Vortex, majority of the people residing in Florida will just hang out in reasonable temperature ranging from a lowest of 60 to a highest of 70s. This is how low it may get even in winter. Although Florida may need to deal with a number of Spring Breakers but the people simply love this state as they’re able to wear t-shirts and shorts throughout the year.

#2: The only city in America founded by a woman is Miami

It was in 1875 when a lady named Julia Tuttle noticed Miami and soon after she decided to move into this city where she bought herself hundreds of acres of land. She believed that the area of Miami possessed enough potential to become a great city which would act like a trade center between South America and North America. She later on proved to be right!

#3: You can go snorkelling in underwater caves and hidden springs

People in Florida believe that the natural springs here are considered as the ‘fountain of youth’. There are approximately 900 freshwater springs, from a number of small ones to the largest one in Florida, Silver Springs which gives 550 million gallons of water in a day. You can go snorkelling in underground caves and the temperature is also friendly with an average of 70-75 degrees throughout the year.

#4: Orlando lures more tourists than any other amusement park in the US

There is a famous amusement park in Orlando which is tailored to meet the interest of anyone. It has got Islands of Adventure, Seaworld, LEGOLAND and Holy Land Experience. One more thing to be mentioned is the Disney World, the stalwart of all theme parks which has 4 amusement parks, 2 water parks, a boardwalk, a downtown area and a huge Sports Complex.

After going through the 4 reasons listed above, don’t you think that Florida is really the place you should be in? There are many other reasons apart from the ones given here and all of them argue inevitably to conclude that Florida is definitely a place to fall in love with.

18 Nov 2016

Swirl, Pause and Suave in Queenstown: New Zealand’s Wine Hub

Located in Otago in the south-west of New Zealand’s southern island, Queenstown is famously known for being a resort town that is visited by many tourists seeking adventure. It is well-known for the world’s largest swing and ski-able mountains that attract thousands of adrenaline junkies from all over the world.

Apart from the many adventures that Queenstown offers, it is also quite popular for its vineyards that sprawl across thousands of acres, bringing peace and tranquility to the onlookers. Various vineyards in Queensland offer daily wine tours that can be either attended in groups or arranged privately.

Wine enthusiasts from all over the world land up in Queensland to experience the vast range of wines here and to understand the secret behind their taste. These tours involve the whole preparation procedure straight from the extraction of raw materials at vineyards, to the produce, and to finally its storage in huge wooden cellars.

The ever-famous procedure of stomping grapes with feet has continued to be people’s most favorite part of this procedure, which could be carried out at any of the Queenstown vineyards. From bathing in a Jacuzzi in the outdoors, to tasting wine and various types of cheese at exclusive diners, to making your way through hundreds of years old cellars- a trip to the vineyards is nothing short of a leisurely experience.

There are numerous vineyards in Queenstown that provide these tours and can be booked in advance. A guide is always available for your convenience and to show you around the estate, while ensuring that the tourists receive every minute detail involved in the preparation of these delectable wines. Amisfeild, Gibbston Valley, and Peregrine are a few vineyards in Queenstown that are famous for their vast landscape and ecstatic textures of wine. These beautiful estates were established decades ago and have been around ever since. They offer not only scenic beauty to their visitors and tourists, but also numerous stories about them, which you can listen to while sipping some good wine.

Since these vineyards are generally located in the slightly remote areas of the state, it’s suggested that tourists opt for services of car rental in Queenstown. Take a narrow escape from a busy schedule and indulge yourself in the quintessential winery shenanigans that have always proved to be good remedy for a heavy head!

25 Oct 2016

Take a Custom Tour of Italy with Bellarome

With so much to see, taste, and experience, even the most seasoned traveler can benefit from the 20 years of experience Bellarome brings with full-service custom vacation planning for travel in Italy.

Italy is a storied and beautiful country. Starting in the country’s northern most province South Tyrol and the Italian Alps, and heading south through Milan, Venice, Florence, Rome and Naples doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. The Tremiti Islands in the Adriatic Sea and the turquoise waters of the Amalfi Coast on the Mediterranean, with Sicily and Sardinia looming far in the horizon add to the never ending beauty that is Italy.

Bellarome offers an essential worry free experience that allows visitors soak in the whole country.If there are places you would like to visit but a standard package doesn’t quite address the needs of the more refined traveler, they have moreluxury-focused vacation packages. They understand that there are travelers that want to trail their own path, and Bellarome has custom made Italian packages that will allow you to create your own journey.

So the ski enthusiast can visit the Italian Alps and witness the alpine villages in Aosta Valley and head south to Palermo where it will be sunny enough to walk around in shorts and sandals all in the same vacation. While still in the North of Italy, Milan and Venice are destinations that offer unique experiences that have to be experienced on their own to be truly appreciated. Going a little further south, the Tuscan region and its capital Florence display landscapes that have inspired Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci to create the most iconic art in the world and make it their home. With more than 120 protected nature reserves and six World Heritage Sites, Beallarome makes experiencing this region even more enjoyable.

Next is Rome, the Eternal City, with 10,000 years of Roman history. Bellarome will make this city more accessible by letting visitors experience the old and new with luxury vacation packages, or affordable deals that are available year around.

Naples has just as much art, culture, music, gastronomy, architecture and history. Piazzas, palaces, castles and churches abound in Naples along with villas, gardens and natural scenery.

The coasts of Italy are world renowned, surrounded by the Mediterranean and Adriatic Seas, but the country also has some of the most scenic lakes anywhere. Lake Como, Maggiore, Iseo, Garda and Oto are some of the destination Bellarome offers as part of its many Italy vacation packages.With Bellarome, it is possible to visit Italy and experience everything it has to offer.

Bellarome vacation packages get rid of the planning, logistics, and details that make an otherwise enjoyable experience stressful. They can mix and match any itinerary to create a one-of-a-kind getaway that allows you, the traveler, to choose your flights, hotels, and packagedtours to make it your own. With more than two decades of making this happen for its customers, Bellarome has the know-how in the region to make it possible.

19 Oct 2016

The Thrill of Ghost Hunting

Everybody loves a thrill. There is no thrill greater than coming into contact with those that have passed to the great beyond, or have failed to do so! Ghost hunting offers all of the appeal of scary movies but with real life thrills and chills. It is a great way for groups to have fun together, a fun time for couples, and a great way to meet others with similar interests as you. There are several aspects of ghost hunting that you cannot get with anything else.

Real Life Thrills

The first and most important aspect of ghost hunting is the real life thrills that you get when you find a ghost or a haunted location. Scary movies are great, but nothing compares to coming face to face with a real ghost. Movies do not allow you to feel the cold that comes with otherworldly bodies creeping into your bones, nor do they show you all of the paranormal activity outside of the shot, the closing of doors and shaking of windows. No cinematic experience can compare to witnessing the real thing first hand!

Challenge Your Mind

Many people come into a ghost hunt as skeptics and leave convinced that they had an experience with the deceased. Human beings thrive by pushing the boundaries of what is considered possible. 100 years ago no one would have thought humans would ride a rocket to the moon, or create a technology that allows instant communication across the globe. Part of what makes us human is a willingness to open up our minds to explore that which we do not understand. Ghost hunting lets us explore the ultimate frontier, and may let us discover something that we did not know before.

Group Experiences

Ghost Hunting is a great activity for group experiences. There is no better way to learn about your friends, family, or co-workers than by teaming up in order to explore the unknown. Ghost hunting trips are sure to give you and your group fond memories to reminisce over for years to come. Whether as team building, group dates, or as a way to meet new people, ghost hunting provides the means to enjoy your time with others while making new contacts and meeting like-minded individuals.

Learn History

It is impossible to go looking for ghosts without getting a history lesson. Whether you are looking for those who fell in the great battles of the past or whom died tragically at the hands of powerful rulers, ghost hunting acts as a way to make history fun and accessible for everyone. This includes children or teens who may be resistant to activities that are designed to help them learn. Ghost hunting offers a way to help pass history exams without the students ever realizing that they are actually studying! Additionally ghost hunting is a great way for amateur historians to gain more in depth information on their favourite areas of interest.

As you can see, there are many great reasons to give ghost hunting a shot. Whether you are looking for a new thrill, want to organize a team building exercise, meet new friends, push your limits on what you think is possible, or just learn more about history in an fun and exciting way, ghost hunting is a fun and informative time.


18 Oct 2016

Get Your Parking Ahead of Time When You Fly

When you are set to travel, one thing that everyone tries to do is make sure they have everything in order. People tend to think about making sure they have everything packed that they need to have, they look at the luggage, how many items they can check in when flying and how many carry-on items they are allotted to have. They also think about the size of their carry-on and what they are going to put in that bag… if they’re going to travel with their laptop and other devices; making sure they have everything in their home and concerning their home taken care of so they come back and everything is safe… there’s so much that goes into making sure everything is handled when you are preparing to travel, but there is something that most don’t even consider when they are getting things planned in advance for their travelling… and that is where they will park their vehicle at the airport… this doesn’t have to be you!

Sure, most people know they will be parking in the airport, but have you ever considered where and planning it beforehand? This is a big deal, especially in Phoenix, AZ. A lot of people don’t even know they can plan ahead for their parking needs, but you can… that’s right! All you have to do is look into airport parking reservations in Phoenix, AZ! Just like with everything else that you have planned before you begin your travels, you can plan your parking arrangements as well!


How to Setup Your Airport Parking Arrangements

In Phoenix, AZ the airport has quite a few places that you can park when you are due to travel by flight. Not only are there various places that you can park your vehicle, but there are also various prices that you can have to pay, depending on the company that you choose to park with. One thing many may not realize is that some airlines have discounts if you park at their parking lot in the airport.

You will also find that there are times when you can make airport parking reservations in Phoenix, AZ. When you reserve your parking beforehand you will be able to know exactly where you are going when you get to the airport and that is one less thing that you have to worry about! There are only positive things that you can get from airport parking reservations in Phoenix, AZ. You get rid of the worry and stress of trying to have a place to park your vehicle; when you have reservations to park, just like with any other reservation you can schedule your drop off time and have it set perfectly for when you so you can make it to your airport terminal in perfect time.

Schedule Your Reservation and Have Your Travels Complete!

When you use airport parking reservations in Phoenix, AZ you will be able to have all of your parking needs taken care of so you don’t have to worry about that at all when you go to catch your flight!

28 Sep 2016

Discovering Skiathos under Sail

Skiathos is the northernmost island in the Sporades archipelago and it’s also a very beautiful place that’s attracted visitors for decades. Today, the island boasts a cosmopolitan atmosphere that’s truly unique to this part of the world. The landscapes are lush, the beaches are truly superb and the whole island is surrounded by crystal clear waters. It makes sailing them a sheer delight whether it’s on a skippered yacht or a bareboat charter deal in Greece.


Although Skiathos is one of the more popular holiday destinations, it still remains very much unspoilt. There are well over 60 fabulous beaches around the coast with the most famous being Koukounariés,  a stretch of beach that’s been voted among the best in the whole of the Med. However, there are plenty of secluded coves and bays that can only be reached by boat which make for brilliant tranquil anchorages for those who want to get away from it all in a gorgeously Greek island environment.

Skiathos town itself boasts a superb natural harbour which is a popular base for many visiting yachts and it doesn’t get more picturesque than this with the four islets that surround the harbour. Spending a few hours exploring the town and all that it has to offer before setting sail to explore other parts of this charming, albeit vibrant island paradise, is time well spent. However, if you plan to stay overnight, the harbour gets a bit noisy in the evenings when things liven up as party goers enjoy a night out. There is an alternative which is to head up to the new harbour just to the north, but again this can be a little congested during the summer months making it hard to find a free berth.

The best choice for a more peaceful stopover is to anchor off over on the eastern side of this glorious bay and the good news is the sandy bottom offers good holding, but again you may find that everyone wants to drop anchor here which makes it that much harder to find room. Heading out of the main harbour of Skiathos to explore the rest of the coastline offers quite a few sheltered anchorages although some are more protected than others depending on which way the winds are blowing.

Sailing West to Vasilias

One of the closest is just a short sail away to the west of the Old Harbour which is a cove called Vasilias where local yachts tend to drop anchor. However, you can anchor off the beach on the bay’s western side as long as you keep well away from any buoyed swimming areas. It’s not the quietest of locations, but if you enjoy watching water sports from the deck of a yacht, it can be a nice place to have lunch on board.

Another nice sheltered cove can be found just south west of Skiathos Harbour. It’s called Kanapitsa and although it’s close to several new hotels, it’s a nice place to drop anchor alongside the local yachts often found there. Just east of Koukounaries, there’s a very large bay which is another sheltered anchorage especially when the Meltimi is blowing. You’ll find lots of yachts and other boats anchored in the bay which means if you choose the wrong place, you may be asked to move. The beach at Koukounaries itself has a lovely lagoon behind it which is well worth visiting especially if you’re sailing these waters in the late spring when you’ll get to see rare Eleanora’s falcons as they catch dragonflies over the lagoon.

Chartering a skippered yacht in Greece has many advantages with the main one being you don’t have to worry about anything or where to drop anchor. It’s all taken care of for you. However, if you’re looking for more of an adventure while discovering the lovely coastline of Skiathos, opting for a bareboat charter in Greece means you can take control of your time as you sail around one of the most beautiful, cosmopolitan yet unspoilt of the Sporades Islands.


07 Sep 2016

How Can We Get An Electronic Visa To Travel To Australia

Anyone who wishes to travel to Australia must obtain a visa when he isn’t a citizen of the country. Whether you are going to go to Melbourne and Sydney or check out for adventures in the Outback, Australia provides visitors diverse geography and a rich culture. Tourism is a significant part of the economy of the country and getting a tourist visa is not easy. You need to be a holder of an eligible passport from another country and you have to allow enough time for documents to be processed. However, Australia has embraced the internet in its visa process, therefore making paper work not typically important. The following are the steps to getting an electronic visa to travel to Australia.

Visit the Australia Electronic Travel Authority Website

Citizens of other countries like Canada and the United States can use this electronic authorisation program for their Australian visa application. An “Apply for Visa” option can be found at the top of the page. Applicants can enter the requested pieces of information on the following page. Such information includes the name, birth date, country of citizenship and passport number of the applicant.  It is imperative to enter information honestly as it will be verified before granting a visa.

Pick the Kind of Visa to Apply For

Short Validity Business and Visitor visas are offered by the Australia Electronic Travel Authority in a simplified process. Anyone who plans to be in the country for less than 3 months without working must apply for visitor’s Australia visa. This option is found at the window following the “Visitor” option. People who are going to Australia for business purposes must pick the option “Short Validity Business.”

Check the Box Which States the Applicant is Outside of Australia

The Australia Electronic Travel Authority system is not for visa applicants who are already in Australia. Applicants can type n the email address and complete other required information on the page. When done, the “Next” option must be clicked. Information needed on this page includes birth dates and passport numbers. Each piece of information should match the information provided earlier. Then there’s another “Next” option to be clicked.

Record the Reference Number which Appears

The reference number lets you get updates on the visa application status. The “Submit” button must be clicked. The next page requires the applicant to enter his credit card information in the forms. Often, the visa approved thirty seconds following the submission of the online ETA application.

17 Aug 2016

A Concise Understanding About Settling Debts In An Effective Way 

If in case you are swimming in deep financial debts, it would be a high time to start looking for a way out. Debt settlement is one such way to help end all your solutions, once and for all. It basically helps to pay off your debts in a much lesser amount, than what you owe to creditors. In right to help negotiate your loans and credit cards, an effective way would be to hire a debt settlement company. These companies would help safeguard the monetary amounts and negotiate it with your creditors and lenders as well. Debt settlement, by providing highly effectual services would eventually help to benefit people from all walks of life.

Process Of Debt Settlement

Availing services of debt settlement would help you to potentially save enormous amounts of monetary amounts, without having to pay back anything as such. Creditors should consider it by wiping an overdue amount from its books. Subsequently, a creditor would agree to an incomplete payment of loans or a credit card debt for an exchange of an immediate lump sum payment of monetary amount. Due to this, it would naturally build up a new debt, which might have otherwise not been possible to collect. Regardless of the fact that it was only a partial payment, the settlement would eventually render debts in full amount. As a result, due to such effectiveness of the settlement procedures, you would be liable to have your full debts cleared.

Debts Eligible For Settlement Purposes 

There are certain kinds of debts which are eligible for debt settlement procedures. Thus, in right to render maximum advantages, it would be highly essential to be aware about the eligibility of debts. Personal loans, medical, utility bills, private student loans, apartment leases amongst others prove to be eligible for settlement purposes. Out of all such kinds of debts, credit card debt proves to be an ideal form for the settlement process. Most of the consumers accumulate credit card debts in abundance and here, creditors are namely private lenders, rather than some kind of government entity. Apart from productive services such as these, you would also be liable of acquiring consolidation options.

A Reputed Debt Settlement Company 

The first and foremost step for you as a consumer would be to opt for a reputed debt settlement company. Availing services of such companies would help in instant resolving of debts. These debt firms are staffed with expert counselors who are licensed for analyzing personal finances. Post analyzing your finances, the counselor would prepare a settlement plan accordingly. This plan would reflect on all kinds of major details of your debt and monthly payment schedule. Moreover, it would also spell out the procedures of profit from the transactions made by these companies. Thus, opting for a right debt settlement company would be able to provide you all kinds of productive services which will ultimately benefit you in a large number of ways.

Preparation Of Settlements

In right to settle your debts, it would be useful in understanding the proper preparations. Primary step would be to negotiate your debts.  If in case it turns out to be successful, your debts would be liable for clearing. Next process would be to sign an agreement. It is essential to put all kinds of arrangements in writing for your records.  Seeking help from a tax professional would also prove to be highly lucrative. To know more about tax obligations,click here.

22 Jul 2016