Incredible Things To See In Magelang

Your tickets are booked. The suitcases are packed. (In some cases…over packed!) There is nothing else to do but begin your exciting Indonesian vacation. Except fine-tune your itinerary, that is! This is an essential part of any successful vacation. You want to see as much as possible. To stop by the most popular spots and attractions. To experience the city you are visiting. So take the time now to pre-plan your exciting getaway. Here are some incredible things to see during your time in Magelang.

Go And See The Borobudur Temple. There are many reasons people want to spend time in Magelang. For starters, they like to find best hotels in the area and check out the many memorable views. Like booking a stunning room at the Mesastila Hotel & Resort. The hotels may be amazing…but perhaps the most common reason that people visit? To see the Borobudur Temple in person. This is the largest Buddhist temple in the entire world. It is spectacular. This 9th century Mahayana Buddhist Temple is something that needs to be seen in person. It features nine stacked platforms (six are square and three are a circular shape) as well as an incredible dome in the centre. The view will take your breath away. Something to remember? Your camera! The vacation pictures you take will make everyone you know green with envy.

Spend Some Time At The Diponegoro Museum. This is your chance. Learn more about the history of the area. Just head over to the Diponegoro Museum. This museum is the former residence of Prince Diponegoro and his family. Inside the museum? There are plenty of things to see and do. That includes a monument to the prince (it is to honour what happened there. There was a siege of the house and the only way out was to break through the wall). There is also information posted throughout as well as a number of unique artefacts on display (some of the artefacts include daggers, a shield, Bandai, and possessions of Prince Diponegoro).

Other Incredible Things To See In Magelang:

  • Taman Park. Another fantastic place to spend some time? At Taman Park you and your travel companions can learn more and have fun. This is an educational and recreational park. There are playgrounds to enjoy, rare plants to see, and so much more. It will be a fantastic experience for the entire family.
  • Merapi Volcano and Park. If you are looking for an incredible view then be sure to spend time at Merapi Volcano Park. Here you can see the volcano, snap some pictures, and get inspired by the beauty of nature. It will make for some seriously sensational travel memories.
  • Kedung Khayang Waterfall. Natural beauty is on full display in Magelang. Take the Kedung Khayang Waterfall as an example. This breathtaking waterfall is something you need to see in person. Who knows? It might wind up being the highlight of your Magelang vacation. Spend time with someone you care about – and enjoy this magical sight.

27 Jun 2016


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19 May 2016

Mountain Gorilla Friendships Revealed by New Study

If you love animals and conservation, then a trip to Rwanda or Uganda to see the mountain gorillas should be on your ‘bucket list’. Both of these places are amazing to visit, allowing you to see first hand the mountain gorillas in the wild. Now research has shown that friendships between these amazing creatures are helping the species to survive at a time when they were in danger of extinction.

erwImage Credit

Gorillas in the Wild

According to the WWF, there are currently 880 mountain gorillas in the wild, in comparison with 620 in 1989. This is largely due to the volunteers and tourists who visit, as well as local people getting involved in their conservation.

The new study looked at the relationships between mountain gorillas of different ages and genders, and whether such relationships may be playing a part in helping them to survive. The research focused on the gorillas at the Karisoke Research Center in Rwanda, which was founded by the naturalist Dian Fossey. As gorillas are very social animals, observations of their behaviour concluded that these relationship were closer to human friendships than mere affiliations.

Using Friendships for Survival

The gorillas who were the subject of the research have been continually monitored for over 50 years, and appear to have created their own social structure where there is more than one male as well as females and offspring. Although many young gorillas die as a result of attacks from other groups, it has been observed that this is now not as frequent due to the relationships that have formed between males and offspring in the same group. There is no doubt that forming close bonds is a way for gorillas to try and survive, and may contribute towards the reversing decline in the population.

If you are planning to visit Rwanda or Uganda to see gorillas in the wild, then one of the best ways to see them and the many other species of wild animals, is to take a gorilla trekking holiday with a company like These sorts of holidays help channel money back into the local economy, which in turn can help with animal conservation.

Far from damaging the natural habitat and disrupting gorilla behaviours, well-managed tourism plays a valuable role in spreading the conservation message.

17 May 2016

Crete Airport Guide

If you live in a foreign country, the fastest way to get to Crete is if you go by plane. You probably won’t want to spend precious hours of your weekend on the train, which is why you will choose your flight carefully.


There are 3 airports in Crete, and you can choose where you stop at depending on where you want to visit. Sometimes, where you land can decide what you visit and how much time you have left to enjoy your vacation.

Heraklion Airport “N. Kazantzakis”

This airport was named after a great Cretan author called Nikos Kazantzakis. It has faithfully served travelers that wished for domestic flights from and to Athens, but from other cities of Europe as well.

Once at the airport, you can stay at the lounges or a café, or you can opt for a Crete airport taxi that can bring you to your destination. The drivers hired have the best driving skills, which is why they are your safest option around town as you reach your destination. Book your airport transfer and make travelling easier for you.

Chania Airport “Ioannis Daskalagiannis”

Named after an 18th Century Cretan rebel who opposed the Ottoman Occupation, the Chania airport is located about 14 km from the Central Chania town. This airport holds flights that come and go from various European cities, as well as domestic flights from Thessaloniki and Athens.

The airport is packed with cafes and places to lounge, but if you plan to leave, you can book a taxi from the airport that can get you to your destination in the shortest time. Whether it’s your hotel or a destination for sightseeing, you can always find a skilled driver out there.

Lassithi Airport

This airport is the only one in Lassithi, the eastern part of Crete. The airport is relatively small and is only operational during the summer, serving charter flights to other airports placed all around Greece.

Upon landing at the Lassithi airport, you can make things easier by booking a Crete airport taxi that will bring you to your desired destination. Not only will you have a hassle-free drive around Crete, you will also have your own guide which can act like an insider on Crete’s best locations to visit.

Book a flight and choose which airport suits your fancy. All of them are modernized so that your travelling experience will be top notch.

04 May 2016

Luxurious Beachside Hotels in Goa Offering a Memorable Stay

Goa is the ultimate party destination for a large number of merrymakers from around the world. While the buzzing beaches and sleek nightclubs host amazing parties, the native culture shows people a completely different side of the state. In the winter season, the state comes alive with hordes of tourists, who dance to the tunes of internationally acclaimed musicians and DJs. When it is not the season for parties and cultural festivals, the myriad tourist attractions of the state give travellers a reason to come here. The Portuguese churches of Old Goa, traditional and colonial-influenced cuisine, watersports, lazing opportunities on beaches, hills and wildlife preserves intrigue globetrotters. Winters or summers, hotels in Goa are always busy, providing accommodation to those, who come here. Beach resorts, one of which is Estrela Do Mar, offer luxury accommodation.

Amenities for Guests

Located on the world-famous Calangute ocean front, Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort offers accommodation in rooms, and cottages for those, who have a taste for exclusivity. While the Standard, Luxury, Family and Executive Rooms provide all modern comforts, the Swiss, Grand Swiss and Prive Cottages are ideal for guests to feel more at home. All rooms and cottages are equipped with amenities like air conditioning and work desk. A tea and coffee maker nourishes and refreshes occupants, while a mini-bar lets them have their favourite drinks in privacy. Occupants need not worry about their valuable belongings as the resort management is considerate enough to keep an electronic safe in every room and cottage. Those, coming as a group but staying separately, can call each other free of charge via intercom phones.

To give guests a luxurious all-round experience, amenities like signature toiletries, make-up mirror, shower caps and moisturiser are featured in every en suite bathroom. Those, staying at Family Rooms, Executive Rooms and cottages, can relax and unwind on their private balcony. All guests can watch cable or satellite channels, while those of Grand Swiss Cottages can do it on a 42-inch TV with a 2.1 channel sound system.

A Reason to Make Merry

Estrela Do Mar is among the few hotels in Goa that offer guests, private access to the beach. The property takes care of toddlers as much as adults by providing kids with a dedicated playing area. They can enjoy on slides and swings or take keyboard and guitar classes to become a star in the future. The grown-ups can take cooking classes from experts to treat their loved ones to food, more delicious than what they have been cooking. In their leisure time, people can watch movies or unwind in the on-site swimming pool. If they have a competitive spirit, then they can challenge their accomplices or fellow guests to a pool, table tennis, carom, football or volleyball match. The private beach of the property is perhaps the best place to have fun as it has a special picnic area. La Sana Vida, Beach Shack and Lagoon are the three restro-bars of Estrela Do Mar Beach Resort that delight people with delicious food and drinks and their classy decor and ambience.

08 Apr 2016

Five Things You Need to Know About Hotel Linen Services

As a hotel manager or owner, your job is to make sure your guests are as comfortable as possible during their stay at your hotel. Doing so not only means that your guests will be satisfied, but it also ensures that they will think of you next time they are in the area and need a place to stay.

Unfortunately, many managers and owners of hotels overlook some of the most important factors that go into providing guests with a satisfying stay. One such factor that is as important as any is the hotel linens. In order to provide quality linens, most hotels make the decision to hire a company that offers hotel linen services.

But not all companies that offer these services are the same. To help you gain a better understanding of what companies are best to work with, here are some things that you should know about hotel linen services.

The Quality of the Linens Matters

While it may seem obvious, many hotels do not look into just how important the quality of their hotel bed linens is. If your number one goal is to provide comfort to your guests, however, then this cannot be overlooked. At the end of the day, your guests will remember how comfortable their beds were, and the quality of the linens is generally going to be a determining factor in their comfort level.

On top of ensuring that you are going with a company that delivers quality, it is also a good idea to go with someone that provides hypo-allergenic linens. Some of your guests will inevitably have allergies, so being able to cater to them when necessary is of the utmost importance.

Having Quality Control Processes Is a Must

Whenever you are dealing with linens, quality control is absolutely imperative. Having even a single issue with a set of linens can spell disaster when it comes to an unhappy guest writing a very unfriendly review about their stay at your hotel.

With this in mind, you want to make sure that the company you are working with has a documented quality control process in place to ensure that there are no issues. Do not be afraid to ask companies directly what this process is. If they are not able to communicate this process to you or they try to avoid it, this should obviously throw up a red flag.

Not All Reliable Companies Require Long Term Contracts

In order to keep your hotel running smoothly, it is absolutely necessary that your linens are delivered on time, every time. Many hotels feel that, for this to happen, they need to sign a long term contract with a company to ensure that they are completely committed to providing the best possible service. This, however, does not have to be the case.

While there are not many, there are some companies in the UK today that are reliable and provide the convenience of not forcing you to sign a lengthy contract before knowing what you are getting into. Working with this type of company is optimal because you are able to test the waters before making any type of long term commitment that you may regret in the long run.

Another benefit of working with companies that do not work through long term contracts is that they will be continually working to gain your approval. When you are already locked into a contract, companies can get a little lax with the type of service that they provide, as they already know that you will have to go through quite a bit of trouble to end it. With short term contracts, on the other hand, you will not have to worry about this issue.

Most Companies Will Negotiate on Price

Price is obviously one of the most important factors affecting your decision on what company you should hire for hotel linen services. But even if a company’s pricing seems to be a bit out of reach, you should be aware that most companies are willing to negotiate a customised plan that meets the needs of both sides.

Companies that offer these services are generally understanding of the fact that no two hotels have the same needs. For this reason, they usually have no problem working with you to develop a customised pricing and service plan that works for both of you.

Before starting negotiations, your best bet is to ask for a quote from the different companies that you may be considering. From there, you can compare prices and see what type of value each company offers.

Companies Are Beginning to Go Green

As in just about every industry, the hotel industry is beginning to make moves towards ensuring that their processes are as eco-friendly as possible. Many companies that offer linen services are doing this as well.

With these changes comes the opportunity for you, as a hotel manager or owner, to commit to going green as well. This, among other things, starts with ordering your linens from a company that is already committed to eco-friendly practices.

Not only does working with green companies have a direct benefit on the environment, but it is also something that you can advertise to your potential guests. With the world becoming more environmentally conscious than ever, this could give you an edge when it comes to guests choosing you over a competitor.

There is little doubt that your hotel linens play an integral role in the success of your hotel. In many cases, their quality serves as the barometer for whether or not a guest enjoys their stay. For this reason, choosing a company that delivers quality and has a quality control process in place is always a good idea.

In addition, you can get tremendous value by going with companies that do not require long term contracts and are willing to negotiate on customised plans. Either way, be sure that you are performing the necessary research before making a decision on the company to work with.



07 Apr 2016

Vacation in a Boutique hotel versus a vacation in a regular hotel

When you are deciding to choose a location where you want to spend your vacations, it can be a pretty difficult job. You want to look at your budget, how much the vacation is going to cost you, the travel expenses, the hotel bills etc. It can be a very nerve wrecking task for some people, mostly for those who want to enjoy more things in a limited budget and expense. Many people for this purpose alone decide on getting rooms in a regular hotel instead of spending their vacations in a boutique hotel. Boutique hotels are European inspired with great facilities and a quiet location yet right in the center of the city. The boutique hotel is a term used to describe basically small hotels which have typically between 10 and 100 rooms in unique settings with classy accommodations.


There are many places that one might want to visit when you finally get some weeks or even some days off your work. Many plans are made and places are decided. However, the smartest way to spend your holidays is to choose a place that has it all in the same place. It’s like hitting two birds with a single stone. Choose a place that has the best hotel accommodations as well as the best sites to explore and the best food and dining. Tel Aviv is the ultimate tourist heaven for this purpose and many other as well. It has all the attractions that you can think of in one city. Boutique Hotels in Tel Aviv are famous for the experience and comfort they provide to their customers. Instead of getting a room in a regular hotel and basically ruining your vacations in a beautiful city like Tel Aviv, book a room in their boutique hotel. Tel Aviv is one of the world’s top destinations and the plus point is the beaches. This city-by-the-sea is consistently included in travel magazines, among their best picks and not without a reason. No doubt it has become a major tourist attraction, drawing millions of eager visitors a year. And all these visitors prefer to book a room in their boutique hotel. The culture is rich and diverse; the atmosphere is twenty-four hour non-stop movement and party atmosphere. The city has been described as a “flourishing technological center”.

The Tel Aviv luxury hotels are considered and ranked among the best hotels in the world. Unlike regular hotels, there boutique hotels offer the most comfortable sheets and plush blankets and towels. Their rooms are decorated with a touch of classy and modern. The relaxing oasis along with the artistically decorated rooms gives a glamorous effect to all of its boutique hotels. Most hotels are designed with elegant touches and modern architecture. In some of the hotels, the rooms are decorated with rich mahogany tones as well as black and white. Sometimes the rooms are also designed with a certain theme in mind. The hotels have the finest quality when it comes to its Egyptian cotton sheets, Goose down comforter, plush Turkish cloth towels, and fine robes and slippers.

23 Mar 2016

Useful Travel Tips Which is Handy

Summer may be the time when lots of people decide in order to pack their own bags for any nice, relaxing vacation. They may develop nice programs for unique destinations. People might hit the actual seaside as well as indulge on their own in awesome baths within the seas. Or they might go with regard to cold as well as windy nations where they will receive a respite in the heat. Regardless, a trip or perhaps a tour is definitely exciting since it presents numerous attractions in order to travelers. But in order to make your own travel sleek and comfy, here tend to be some useful tips that will tell you how you can travel nicely.

If you’ve decided upon an absolute destination for the trip, it might be best knowing everything concerning the place. Grab the book or perhaps a travel guide which may tell you about the place you’re visiting. Try to understand all regarding where you’d be staying and also the nearest dining places. Try to understand everything concerning the main points of interest and how you can see all of them. Also, know about the essential transport networks and also the locations from the currency trades. If you receive all this particular dough, your trip inside a new place is going to be simple.

When you’re going round the place by walking or on the taxi, you need to deal with your belongings. You may deposit jewelry along with other valuables within the hotel secure lockers. Nevertheless, you might be carrying cash along with other documents even when you are walking throughout. The greatest idea is always to carry the satchel which may keep each one of these things safe and sound. However, a back pack hoisted in your back will be a good idea too. Moreover, it’s also much safer than the usual bag or even pouch close to your waistline. So, consider it.

When you’re packing your own bags, think before you decide to pack an entire load associated with stuff. Take into account the weather from the place as well as decide exactly what clothes will be best for you personally. Then, you have to consider what will be the medicines to transport along inside your trip. You have to pack the first-aid package. When you’re traveling inside a new location, be a little wary from the food as well as water. They might be polluted and you’ll fall victim to health issues. So, do be mindful to consume only container water as well as eat thoroughly clean food when you’re on your own trip.

17 Mar 2016

How you can Enjoy Your Go the Maximum

Whether you will be traveling with regard to business or even vacation, surely you cannot wait in order to board which plane or even ship and disappear. But around for you to do that in the very immediate, it is better spend time to be ready to be able to fully benefit from the trip.

Indeed, preparation reduces the strain and reduces the hassles of the travel. That’s why it is crucial to possess ample time for you to prepare prior to the trip. As well as, to make sure that your planning has covered all you need, here’s just a little list that will help you…

Book your own flights as well as accommodations ahead of time.

Just such as the saying “The earlier bird attracts the earthworm, ” there are lots associated with advantages within booking earlier. Among all of them are package offers and promos which are being offered for any limited period only. For example, some resorts and air carriers provide earlier bird discount rates. These promotions allow vacationers to reduce your cost for their own trip. If you are lucky in order to avail 1, you’ll possess some extra money to extra for buying.

Research regarding your location.

It might sound boring to complete some investigation but in so doing, you’re really feeding your self with ideas how to invest your journey time. You’ll understand what to put on, drink, purchase, and go to. By benefiting from information, you’ll learn the very best places to visit depending on which for you to do. Plus, researching will even help a person avoid engaging in trouble. Such as, you don’t would like to get caught with a cop within Singapore simply because you didn’t realize that chewing gum isn’t allowed in the united kingdom.

Pack first the thing you need and not what you need.

Undeniably, packing your own things is among the most expected and demanding activity prior to the travel. Really, some people enter trouble due to things these people packed and/or did not pack. Maybe because an excessive amount of excitement you will find individuals that often pack an excessive amount of stuff they do not really need they tend in order to forget stuff that are associated with high significance.

First points first, make sure to have All of the important documents you’ll need for the actual trip, passport, visa, IDs and people papers you need to bring if you are in a company trip. Additionally, bring an initial aid kit plus some medicines. Keep in mind, you’re moving in a various place and never all drugs would be the same for those countries. You should bring your personal stock especially for those who have allergies as well as sensitive belly.

Get a travel cover.

You aren’t certain what’s going to happen inside your journey and thus to prevent possible deficits in unpredicted circumstances, you need to get travel cover. If you are not sure of one, you will find travel agencies that always offer this along inside a travel bundle. Although, it continues to be better if you’re going to get one which will truly compliment your requirements.

To get assist in purchasing 1, consult the net. You may compare travel cover online before you decide to settle for just one. In selecting a plan, you need to decide whether you will get it for your trip just or you will get one that is good to pay for all your own trips for any year. Bear in mind too that you ought to find an inexpensive travel insurance that could suit your financial allowance.

Make the checklist.

Following having every thing prepared, it is advisable to have a listing to help you go back again and ensure that a person didn’t skip anything. Verify your reservations. Have the map plus some notes you have researched in your destination. Check the actual contents of the suitcase. Finally, don’t overlook your travel cover.

Now should you follow each one of these things prior to leaving, then there is no reason that you should worry. Just relax and revel in every minute of the trip. In the end, you’ve spent enough time preparing for this.

Anne is really a busy lady residing in the humming city associated with Sydney Sydney. Whenever she’s the luxury of your time, she likes it through blogging, vacationing and composing. She likes to watch the folks around her and become mesmerized through the magnificence associated with nature.

17 Mar 2016

6 Easy Learning to make Air Journey With Children Easier

A weight plane trip with children could be a hassle sometimes. However, having a concrete plan put in place, it could be much simpler. The article you’re about to see will make traveling on the plane along with children a smaller amount stressful.

Allow your son or daughter to sit through the window. Most kids enjoy taking a look at the look at from a large number of feet up within the sky. They are able to spot areas, trees, and perhaps even animals in the plane. However, if your son or daughter is frightened of levels, you might want to sit through the window as well as close the actual shade. It is essential that you do whatever is essential to keep the child comfortable throughout the trip.

It is essential that you pack drinks and foods that the child likes. Some from the drinks as well as foods the flight serves might not interest your son or daughter. And should you child’s belly and thirst aren’t pleased, they will not be the happy recreational camper. Just make sure to check using the airline’s plan about bringing your personal beverages as well as foods.

Remember to provide games for that plane trip. Your flight will seem a lot longer in case your child isn’t entertained; games are a terrific way to keep all of them busy! There are lots of travel-sized variations of popular games, including Link Four, Difficulty, and Starving Hungry Hippos. The best benefit is these travel-sized versions fit into luggage.

Consider purchasing the portable DVD AND BLU-RAY player, if you don’t already possess one. Once more, entertainment for the children is vital for the plane trip. What better method to entertain all of them then to play their preferred movie. The airplane ride is going to be over very quickly for them once they are centered on the film.

It is essential that your son or daughter has the capacity to get upward and extend their thighs occasionally. Your son or daughter will end up being very restless when they are sitting within the same place for too much time. Even if it’s to go the toilet, allow these phones get upward about every half an hour. You also needs to get up together!

If your own plane ride will probably be a lengthy one, it is necessary that your son or daughter’s seat dates back and they have sufficient room in order to sleep. Your child will become miserable when they are exhausted and cannot sleep. Check using the airline beforehand to ensure the seats could be pushed back and therefore are big enough for any nap.

For older kids, you might want to bring a good iPod or even other digital camera that performs music. Many older kids and teens are the majority of entertained once they have music to hear. Who understands, they might even close their own eyes while hearing music as well as take the siesta!

Mentionened above previously at this particular article’s starting, bringing children along with you on the plane could be a challenge. However, if you utilize the advice this short article has supplied you along with, you will discover the day at go a lot more smoothly as well as perhaps even enjoyable!

17 Mar 2016